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From legal case work to filmmaking and coding, artificial intelligence is transforming the way we work and raising important questions about the future of jobs.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked both excitement and concern in the workplace. While some see it as a tool that will free workers from grueling tasks, others worry about the potential loss of jobs. In this article, we delve into three key industries—professional services, filmmaking, and coding—to explore how AI is being used and its impact on everyday work.

AI in Professional Services

  • AI tools enhance accessibility and assist with legal case work.
  • Junior staff benefit the most from time savings.
  • Adoption has been swift, but limitations exist.
  • Rather than replacing jobs, AI could intensify work.

AI in Filmmaking

  • Screenwriters strike over fears of reduced work opportunities.
  • Dubbing technology expands the reach of foreign-language films.
  • Actors explore the potential of “digital doubles.”
  • The importance of ethical considerations in AI usage.

AI in Coding

  • Generative AI suggests lines of code and boosts productivity.
  • Limitations and the need for human expertise.
  • Analyzing existing code and searching for vulnerabilities.
  • The evolving role of coders and the need for accountability.
A person using generative AI tool for increased productivity and creativity.

As AI continues to advance, its impact on the way we work becomes more evident. In professional services, AI tools assist legal professionals, while the filmmaking industry grapples with concerns over job displacement and opportunities for expansion. Coders benefit from AI’s assistance, but human expertise remains essential. The transformative power of AI raises important questions about the future of work, ethical considerations, and the need for human oversight.

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