An AI chatbot interacting with a user on a computer screen, with a thought bubble showing various tasks being automated, reflecting the time-saving potential of AI in everyday work scenarios.
  1. Discover the AI Revolution: Unravel the mystery behind AI chatbots and their potential to revolutionize the world of work.
  2. AI for Everyone: Google’s Training Courses are open to individuals and business owners, catering to all levels of expertise.
  3. Saving Time at the Office: Learn how AI tools can be your ultimate time-savers, reducing administrative tasks and sparking creativity.
  4. Power of AI in Workspace: Get ready for AI-powered writing features in Google Workspace, transforming your productivity.
  5. Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: Addressing the UK’s digital skills gap through comprehensive AI training.
  6. Google vs. the Giants: Delve into the AI race as Google competes with OpenAI, Microsoft, and Meta in the realm of generative AI.
  7. Embracing the AI Wave: Gain insights into when and how to invest in AI for your workplace.
  8. Live Training Experience: Participate in interactive live sessions on YouTube, with the chance to ask questions and receive expert guidance.
  9. On-Demand Learning: Missed a session? Don’t worry! Register and watch the recorded events at your convenience.
  10. Navigating the Chatbot Slump: Understand the dynamics behind the fluctuating popularity of AI chatbots and their potential resurgence.
AI training courses for productivity

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills to leverage AI’s capabilities for heightened productivity and success in the workplace. Google’s training courses provide the perfect gateway to embrace the AI revolution with confidence and competence.

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