Personalized healthcare through AI


  1. Robots may be as good as doctors in spotting breast cancer, a Lancet study reveals.
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI) in mammography screenings can replace one medic and match the accuracy of two radiologists in detecting disease.
  3. AI-supported screenings could almost halve the workload of radiologists, addressing the national shortage of experts in the UK.
  4. The study involved over 80,000 women in Sweden, showing that AI-assisted detection was as effective as traditional double reading by radiologists.
  5. The AI-supported group had 36,886 fewer screen readings by radiologists, reducing the workload by 44%.
  6. The AI system did not generate more false positives, ensuring accurate results and a false positive rate of 1.5%.
  7. Researchers highlight the need to assess patient outcomes and the potential for combining radiologists’ expertise with AI to detect interval cancers better.
  8. The NHS is exploring AI’s potential to improve breast screening, enabling faster and more efficient diagnosis, earlier cancer detection, and saving lives.
  9. The promising results emphasize AI’s potential to transform healthcare, prompting the UK government to invest Β£21 million for AI’s swift rollout in the NHS.
AI-supported mammography screenings for breast cancer detection

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