See what I found.

1. A cat riding a unicorn through a rainbow

I got a unicat instead – weird for sure

a unicat - a weird image of a unicorn ith a cat face.

2. A city made of chocolate

Does it look like it is made of chocolate? You decide.

a city that is supposed to be made of chocolate but not really

3. A flying elephant with a top hat

The elephant isn’t flying but it does have a top hat on.

a floating elephant with a top hat on

4. A dragon playing the piano

Pretty accurate.

an elephant playing a piano

5. A painting of a landscape that changes every time you look at it

I don’t think DeepAI could do this prompt.

optical illusion AI art - not really

6. A still life of objects that don’t normally go together

I don’t think this is it.

7. A photorealistic painting of a fictional character

I chose Gandalf

weird AI prompts

8. A landscape that looks like a painting

9. A piece of abstract art that makes you feel something

A piece of abstract art that makes you feel something

Do you feel something?

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