is an emerging player applying AI to crypto safety. As cryptocurrency adoption grows, so does the risk of fraud. This platform aims to help investors spot troublesome activity. Let’s explore key facts about this anti-scam solution!

Scores Wallet Trustworthiness

The core offering is an AI-generated trust rating on a 0-100 scale for BSC, Ethereum, and Polygon wallets. This quickly communicates potential credibility before transacting. No more guessing if that wallet will steal your crypto!

High Accuracy Identifying Risk

The proprietary algorithms have an impressive ~98% predictive accuracy in flagging fraudulent transactions. By processing extensive data on each wallet’s patterns, the AI spots deception human analysts would likely overlook.

Currently Available as Chrome Extension

While full platform features remain unclear, now works through a handy Chrome extension. This allows convenient access to AI-verified wallet scores while browsing cryptocurrency sites.

Innovative Fraud Prevention Tool

Unlike manual scam detection,’s automated intelligence preemptively finds suspicious activity at scale. This saves crypto investors and communities significant time and money. It’s an innovative advancement for the industry.

While more details on await, its commitment to democratizing scam prevention through AI shows tremendous early promise. Those interacting in crypto spaces would be prudent to explore these fraud-fighting capabilities.

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