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The Wizard of AI raised a lot of good points about the effect AI has had on artists and what it could possibly have on them and other people whose intellectual property is going to be infringed upon as a result of the rise of AI. However, there was a topic the video tackled that was quite interesting and that was “the capitalist side of things.”

I am no “anti-capitalist” – I am more of a moderate. I believe capitalism should not be explored to its fullest capacity because it would be disastrous. In the same way, I also think socialism should not be explored to its fullest capacity. Both economic systems should be practised together for a more balanced economy.

So back to what I was saying, Alan Warburton (the creator of this documentary – “The Wizard of AI”) explained that the rise of AI tools would also lead to the rise of tools that tackle the intellectual property infringements of AI which would lead to other tools that would tackle the tools that tackle the infringements of AI and so on, thereby causing a vicious cycle.

He also talks about how the AI space would soon be colonized and commodified – as with any product in a capitalist world – where only a few control the vast AI landscape. This happening would then make, for example, art created by human artists more valuable and expensive.

You know how social media started as a new way for people to connect with friends but has now turned into a space controlled by mega-corporations who only care about farming your real-life connections for ad revenue? A place where people seek attention and validation from strangers as a way to escape from their reality because they lack real-life connections.

That is what Alan Warburton thinks the future of AI would be and I do too. I think so too.

Nevertheless, watch the video and come to your conclusions yourself.

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