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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I test out AI tools for your enjoyment. I see how great (not-so-great) they are and encourage you to test it out. 

Today, I created a song using Suno – a plugin on Microsoft Copilot. It is completely AI-generated, even up to the song idea. 

I read this piece on Microsoft Bing Blogs: Turn your ideas into songs with Suno on Microsoft Copilot to give me some insight on how to “operate it” and went right ahead to do so. 

Here is the song and the accompanying lyrics:

In the deep blue ocean, where the waves crash and roar
There’s a little creature, you just can’t ignore
Beneath the coral reef, where the sunlight gleams
You’ll find a seahorse, swimming in your dreams

Bubbles, Bubbles, the seahorse so divine
Dancing through the ocean, in perfect rhythm and time
With a twirl and a swish, and a magical twist
Bubbles brings joy, with every little fish

You didn’t think I would just stop there right?

 I hope not because I didn’t. I decided to take it further by creating songs in the 5 most popular genres right now:

  • Hip-hop/rap
  • Pop
  • Latin
  • Rock; and 
  • Country

Since Bubbles in the Deep is already a pop song, I won’t be making another pop song. What I would do is replace it with R&B.

For Hip-Hop/Rap

The prompt was:

I got a craving that I can't ignore
When it comes to beef patties, I want more (ooh-yeah)
Flaky crust, savory meat inside
It's the only thing that satisfies (uh-huh)

Patties on my mind, can't get enough (can't get enough)
Flavor so good, it's real tough (real tough)
Hot and fresh, straight from the grill (from the grill)
Patties on my mind, I can't sit still (uh-uh)


Microsoft Copilot Suno Music
Sitting in the corner, I watch the room
Everybody's dancing but they don't have a clue (ooh)
I see them catching glances, exchanging smiles
But little do they know, it's gonna take a while

Slow burn love, taking its time (slow burn love)
Igniting the flames, hearts intertwine (slow burn love)
No rush, no hurry, just feeling it out (slow burn love)
A love that's meant to last, there's no doubt


Microsoft Copilot Suno Music
Ella baila con paso de fuego
Enamorada de su chico, un juego
Pero él solo tiene ojos para su gato
Gatazos y ronroneos, un rato (¡ay mamá!)

Amor y gato, una historia peculiar (ay, corazón)
Susurrando al oído y haciéndole el amor felino (fuerte)
Amor y gato, no hay manera de separar
La pasión de ella, el amor de él, gatos en el altar (¡salsa!)


I couldn’t do it because I had surpassed my daily limit of 5 songs for the day. However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel –

Which I did. I visited Suno AI’s website and continued with my “music making”.

This was my prompt

Microsoft Copilot Suno Music

and I got two results

Sitting on my rooftop, feelin' like a renegade
Downtown streets below me, the chaos starts to fade (ooh-yeah)
I light up a cigarette, take a sip of wine
And in the still of the night, I feel so damn alive

Roaming on the rooftop, surveying the city below
I'm the ruler of my kingdom, it's a place where I can grow (grow)
With the stars as my witness, I'm the ruler of the night
Roaming on the rooftop, everything feels alright (alright)



For my very last genre, I had to come up with something fun like in the days of Dolly Parton (is she country? Please forgive me if she’s not).

Microsoft Copilot Suno Music
In a little country kitchen, down a gravel road
There was a woman sittin' and her heart was feeling low
She had a jello mold, her pride and joy, you see
But when she pulled it out, there was nothin' but glee

Oh, that jello was so flat, it made her laugh
All her troubles seemed to disappear in a flash
She found the humor in the simplest things
And that flat jello, it gave her wings

That was fun

I enjoyed every bit of it and you would too. Just head over to Microsoft Copilot or Suno AI and get started.

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