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Forget app fatigue and phone fatigue!

The Rabbit R1 is here, a pocket-sized AI pal ready to streamline your digital world like a boss. Imagine ditching the endless app scroll and letting your phone take a breather ‍♀️ while this little gadget handles everything from ordering pizza to booking your next weekend adventure.

But how does this rabbit work its magic?

It’s all thanks to its brainchild, the Large Action Model (LAM). Think of LAM as your personal robot butler who learns from your app habits and automates the process. Need to hail a ride? Forget tapping through 5 screens, just tell Rabbit R1 your destination and boom, you’re on your way.

No more app overload, no more juggling devices.

Rabbit R1 unifies your app life, connecting with your existing phone (Android or iPhone!) to control everything from Spotify playlists to smart home lights. ✨ You can even customize your experience with “rabbits,” personalized AI agents that tackle specific tasks like booking your gym class or finding that perfect pair of shoes. ️‍♀️

And the coolest part?

This is no one-trick pony. The Rabbit R1 has a rotating camera (“rabbit eye” of course!) for selfies and video calls, plus a scroll wheel for smooth navigation and a press-to-talk button for quick commands. It’s like having a tiny tech ninja in your pocket, ready to jump to your every digital whim.

Ready to ditch the app chaos and embrace the AI revolution?

The Rabbit R1 is available for pre-order now for just $199, with shipping starting in March. So hop on board and let’s see what adventures (and app-free bliss!) await!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the Rabbit R1 website to learn more about its features and see if it’s the perfect match for your tech life.

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