Schemawriter is an AI-powered software platform designed to automate and streamline on-page SEO optimization. It utilizes advanced algorithms and external APIs, including several Google APIs, to generate optimized schema files and content that align with high-ranking factors in Google search results.

Key Features of

  • Automated Schema Generation: Produces advanced schema files in minutes, tailored to specific web pages.
  • Intuitive Editor: Enables users to edit and customize schema files without manual code editing easily.
  • Entity Optimization: Identifies and incorporates Google-recognized entities within schema and content, leveraging Wikipedia and Wikidata for accuracy.
  • Content Generation: Creates optimized content that correlates with high rankings in Google search results.
  • Competitor Analysis: Gathers insights from competitors’ websites to inform schema and content strategies.

Problem Solved addresses the time-consuming and manual nature of traditional on-page SEO optimization. It automates the generation of optimized schema and content, saving time and effort for businesses seeking to improve their website visibility and search rankings.


  • Elicit
  • Expertrec
  • TF-IDF Tool
  • Multisearch
  • searchHub

Monetization offers several monetization strategies for users:

  • Website Optimization: Employ the platform to enhance your own website’s SEO performance, potentially leading to increased traffic and revenue.
  • SEO Services: Provide SEO optimization services to other businesses, utilizing to streamline the process and increase efficiency.
  • Affiliate Program: Earn commissions by referring others to the platform through its affiliate program.
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