StockMusicGPT is an AI-powered tool for generating royalty-free stock music by enabling users to craft customized music for diverse projects. It also allows user to claim free music if they are interested in making their own. 

For this article, I tried StockMusicGPT out and here are my thoughts.

Music Made with StockMusicGPT

As usual, I used the free version which offered me the opportunity to generate only one music per month. 

Music Made with StockMusicGPT

For this reason, I had to make it count, or I thought I did. Not knowing anything about music making, I made the following choices:

Genre: I chose Trap Hiphop
Theme: Heroic
Tempo: Auto
Instrument: Auto
Chord: Auto

Once I made my choices, I submitted for the music to be made and this was the final result. 

I was not impressed by the output but then maybe I should have been more adventurous when choosing my instrument and chord. Unfortunately, I didn’t and I ended up with the musical equivalent of a wet rag. 

The Music Library

Since my attempt at making my stock music failed miserably, I perused the Library instead and found some gems. 

They have many more songs, so do well to check them out.


The pricing plans range from a basic plan at $4.99 per month to a pro plan at $49.99 per month. Additionally, there is a free plan available for users to try out the platform without the need for a credit card. 

StockMusicGPT Allows You to Claim Free Music or Make Your Own

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