Voicify AI

Voicify AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered online music creation and voice manipulation platform. The software-as-a-service offers tools to generate AI covers, create original songs, clone voices, manipulate audio, build conversational assistants, and more.


Voicify AI was launched in 2021 by Anthropic, PBC. The platform employs advanced deep learning and generative AI to enable both amateur and professional musicians simplified access to high-quality vocal synthesis and production capabilities.

Key features include:

  • AI Vocal Model Store: Library of 22,000+ AI models to clone voices or generate vocals
  • Song Maker: Create original AI-powered songs and instrumental tracks
  • Cover Maker: Produce AI cover songs by uploading instrumentals
  • Lyrics Reactor: Generate lyrics or use AI to complete song lyrics
  • Vocal Cloning: Clone a voice by uploading samples
  • Audio Editor: Edit and manipulate vocal tracks and audio files

The technology aims to democratize music production through its intuitive interface and by reducing common friction points in the creation process.


In addition to its direct-to-consumer offerings, Voicify AI provides services for business clients:

  • Conversational AI Assistants: Customizable virtual assistants and chatbots with vocal cloning capabilities for customer service and other business needs
  • Vocal Cloning API: Developer API to clone voices and integrate vocal models into other applications
  • Voice Commerce Solutions: Enable voice-based e-commerce experiences by integrating Voicify AI-synthesized voices


Voicify AI has received praise for the quality of its AI-generated vocals and tracks as well as its commitment to data privacy. However, some critics argue the technology makes music production too automated. The pricing model has also garnered mixed reactions.

Key competitors in the AI music production space include Kits.ai, TopMediaAI, FakesYou.com, and Covers.ai. As of late 2023, Voicify AI receives over 1 million monthly visitors.

Visit: https://www.voicify.ai/

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