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Google Pauses AI-Generated Images for Being Woke

  • Google pauses AI-generated images of people after ethnicity criticism
  • Gemini model portrayed German WWII soldiers and Vikings as people of colour
  • Temporary block on generating people images due to criticism
  • Google acknowledges issues and plans to release an improved version
  • AI bias highlighted; efforts to mitigate bias ongoing

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AI Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

  • Scientists utilize artificial intelligence to tackle the clean energy challenge in nuclear fusion.
  • Princeton University team employs AI to forecast and prevent plasma instabilities during fusion reactions.
  • Nuclear fusion hailed as a clean energy solution, mimics the Sun’s reactions.
  • Lawrence Livermore Lab achieves net energy gain in 2022.
  • AI predicts plasma instabilities, enabling better control.

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Sainsbury’s Combats Shoplifting with Self-Service Cabinets

  • Sainsbury is trying out an innovative AI to combat shoplifting.
  • The technology in question is an AI-controlled self-service cabinet, Freedom Case.
  • Customers will have to undergo a touchscreen process to access high-priced spirits.
  • Cabinets track activity, and trigger ‘Active Deterrence’ for suspicious behavior.
  • It was rolled out in St Albans store, and welcomed by local police.
  • Privacy-focused, no customer data is required for access.

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